Saturday, May 30, 2009

funny thing

vintage jacket, urban outfitters skirt, target scarf and shoes, h&m shirt and purse

I apologize that I have not been updating. I’m a working lady! And plus, my work wardrobe is completely different from my everyday since I would have to abide with dress code policy plus I prefer comfort while working so it’s not THAT inspiring but work has been awesome nonetheless.

♥ kat


Lainey said...

I love your black and white jacket!!! It's awesome!

Danielle said...

This outfit is really cute, even though the color scheme is simple. It allows you to be able to mix pieces easily.

Mads said...

Hi Kat! (hope it's ok that I call you that) I super enjoyed reading your blog I read your old entries as far as June 2008 and only stopped because it's time to sleep..=)Love your style and SF is my favorite city too next to Manila.. will add you to my blogroll..


Anonymous said...

You look fab! Love that jacket! And they didn't have my size in those amazing UO pants you have! So bummed.

xo, Becs

bisou-joue said...

that is such a great outfit ! i adore your vest !

katherinelou said...

lainey: thanks! it's my favorite too!

danielle: i know! black and white is such a go-to color!

mad: you can definitely call me kat! and thanks for adding me to your blogroll ... i'll do the same!

becs: awww bummer with the pants!

bisou-joue: thank you!

Dynamite socks said...

That Jacket is gorgeous!! reallly like the whole outfit!

Niceee blogg!!


Cucu said...

Great style! Following you now! :)