Tuesday, December 22, 2009

birthday dress?

credit: net-a-porter.com

My dream birthday dress by Alexander Wang. If it's not obvious, it's only a DREAM dress. I can't afford a $650 dress when I just got broke from all of my Christmas shopping. Hahaha. Must look for other alternatives that fits my budget range. I don't know maybe $20? HAHAHA. As usual, this time of year is always so expensive. I still have an anniversary present for the BF I have to look for. Oh the holidays!

♥ kat

By the way I'm a size 4 hehehe


playwithfashion said...


JINX said...

you've been JINXED....


fashion westie said...

Congratulations on being jinxed!!!

I hear you about not being able to afford designer gear...I'm always on the hunt for the "inspired by" pieces from chain stores or better yet, thrift shops.

Love your honesty and style...

Friend in Fashion said...

This is a stunning dress! :)



Anonymous said...

Sexy dress! I love this

katherinelou said...

playwithfashion: it is lovely isn't it!

jinx: thank you for the feature!

fashionwestie: aww thanks for the sweet comments. there's not much you can do if you're a starving college student but still like to be fashionable!

friend in fashion: yes it is stunning!

missneira: i knoww i love it too! too bad its way out of my budget :(