Saturday, December 12, 2009

ma dang sae

Ma Dang Sae
21004 Pioneer Blvd
Lakewood, CA 90715

Although I was craving Thai food one day, the BF was craving KBBQ so we wanted to try something new (at least I did). The BF has been to Ma Dang Sae with his coworkers awhile ago and one of our friends also has been there so we decided for me to try it out. Ma Dang Sa is an "all you can eat" KBBQ that is relatively cheap. For $9.99 a person, you get all sorts of side dishes and a huge bottomless plate of brisket (you can also request for pork belly which we did). For dessert, they give you a small cup of ice cream served with a Baskin Robbins spoon (which seems a bit sketchy to me might I add haha). All in all, it was an OKAY experience. I've tried better since the meat was extremely bland and I drenched my meat in sesame oil and chili garlic sauce. I highly recommend this place if you want a lot of food for cheap.

♥ kat


sui said...

that looks... SO good.

I'm waiting to eat Korean food for dinner myself right now. hungryyy!

kirstyb said...

looks yummy x

Lilee said...

mmm, yummy!