Sunday, August 30, 2009


rainbow drive-in, honolulu, july 2009

I couldn't help but blog about this amazing oh so delicious plate from a local food joint in Honolulu. You may have noticed this photo from my Hawaii post. But anyway, meet Corned Beef Hash from Rainbow Drive-In. With a generous amount of gravy, egg, and a side of macaroni (one of the island's local staples) I could eat it for days and not get tired of it. OH! and toss in some chili and I will have one satisfied tummy. I'm definitely drooling at the moment. Seriously, after having it everyday in Hawaii last month for a week, it got a bit depressing when I arrived home and realized that NOTHING will satisfy my corn beef hash cravings. And flying to Hawaii just for the plate is not an option. Oh what to do what to do.

♥ kat


Summer said...

Oh you made me drool by that food. Yummy. I miss fried eggs. =D I want to eta some now. =D

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Brown Mestizo

Anonymous said...

Looks so good. Love corned beef hash! This is pure comfort food.

xo, Becs

katherinelou said...

summer: hahaha!

stylewithbenefits: ohhh definitely. comfort food is always a plus!

style of olya baileys said...

i love fried eggs))


Glenda said...

Haha I'll mail them to you :)