Thursday, August 27, 2009

ice cold

serendipity 3, new york city, january 2009

Today's temperature: 97 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!
San Francisco's Temperature: 73 degrees Fahrenheit!

... how I long to be in San Francisco RIGHT NOW. Maybe I'll stop by a Starbucks to indulge myself in a ice cold Passion Tea Lemonade. I think I should.

Tomorrow I will be answering comments and visiting blogs!

♥ kat


playwithfashion said...

yummy, yummy:)

Daisy said...

yummy !

Oh I miss San fran, I need to visit there soon!

Lainey said...

Wow, I can't believe it's hotter in NY than it is in SF. San Fran is just perfect. And so is that desert!

Delmy said...

That looks delicious! And how your hair is longer! Im dying for mine to grow at least to your length.

katherinelou said...

playwithfashion: haha yea it was yummy except i got it in january in NEW YORK! hahaha can you imagine?

daisy: yes i LOVE san francisco ... it's amazing!

lainey: yes san francisco is perfect! and i hear in new york it's pretty humid during the summer!

delmy: hahaha yes my hair is long and it's growing out a bit awkward so i need to get a haircut pronto !

tailorstitch said...

those frozen hot chocolates are soo good

katherinelou said...

tailorstitch: hahaha i know what you mean!