Saturday, August 15, 2009

taking it all in

backyard 2009

It's already been halfway through the month and I've only posted TWO posts. Forgive me, I've been sooo busy with work (trying to pick up hours due to the fact that I'm going to EUROPE next year!). Anyway, summer is almost over. Not excited for school but I'm definitely not excited at the moment (weather-wise). So it's a bit bittersweet. Plus the other things going on in life: picking up hours at work, trying to spend time with the bf, saving money for EUROPE!!!, saving money for the bf's christmas present, jury duty next week, ticket, my Dad's one year death anniversary, to name a few is getting a bit overwhelming. Okay I lied, SUPER overwhelming. Just waiting for the next few months to be over and so I can just relax!

And in regards to Europe, I'm paying for it entirely on my own. I am PROUD of myself!


Donner K said...

Omg you're going to Europe? JEALOUSY TO THE MAX!!! What's the purpose or occasion??

katherinelou said...

donner k: yeeess! im going to europe ... it's my brother's birthday and my friend's graduating so that's really the only occasion :)