Saturday, August 29, 2009

goodbye summer!

hawaii, july 2009

Today marks my last day for summer (since I have work tomorrow). I'm looking forward to this semester (or maybe not ... haha). But anyway, I had an amazing time this summer and it definitely flew by quick! Sure, I had my ups and downs but definitely ups. From San Francisco (twice!) to Hawaii, I couldn't ask for anything more (well except wishing for my Dad to still be here but that's a whole completely different story). And since school is starting Monday, that means fall is almost here and I'm definitely not going to FAIL wardrobe-wise. Trust me, this 100 Degree weather at the moment is making me frustrated. GRRR

Hope you all had an amazing summer and good luck this semester!

♥ kat


Leslee said...

Goodbye summer, but hello fall. I know what you mean by 100 degree weather it's been 107 here. x)

Julia mode said...

good sumerc!!

katherinelou said...

leslee: aww you too? this heat is frustrating me haha

julia mode: good to hear!

Dylana said...

Hello! Just came across your blog! OMG! This is WAIKIKI right? Beautiful beach. I was there just this summer, too, in late June! The most amazing trip ever. I cannot wait to go back and visit the other islands! Lovely picture and lovely blog!