Thursday, June 18, 2009


disneyland, kobe bryant, june 2009

Nothing fashion related. Just a photo of someone I saw at Disneyland. Okay not just someone, THEEEE Kobe Bryant!


Marie-Louise said...

cute blog! love some of your outfitsss!!

Mads said...

So LUUCCCKKKKYYYY!!! Kobe is such a cutie!!=) He's been my crush for such a long time now along with Allen Iverson..

proudly says, said...

what a day!
starstruck you!

i love your photos.
may i know what type of camera you're using.

Delmy said...

I wanna go to disney land...Not fair! lol

katherinelou said...

marie-louise: thanks for stopping by!

mads: i know i was sooo "starstuck"

proudly says: i'm using an olympus DSLR ... evolt-500 i think?

delmy: you should go!