Friday, June 26, 2009

least inspiring

UO blazer, f21 shirt, zara pants, and h&m shoes

Summer is not fun. Wardrobe-wise, I have a difficult time pulling together an outfit suitable for hot weather. Today wasn’t HOT though but I’m definitely having a difficult time. To top it off, my room is a mess (getting prepared to remodel my room), so my clothes are all over the darn world.

On a more serious note (well I think I was serious to begin with), today is my Dad's birthday. We spent it having dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Good stuff, except I wanted to grab a cocktail BUT I forgot my wallet at home. What a bummer.

♥ kat


Delmy said...

I lllllloooooooooove your pants!
I haven't to Zara in a while.

Ela said...

I absolutely LOVE,LOVE,LOVE those sandals!!!

Love your Frisco photos btw!

Danielle said...

My mall needs to get a Zara and Urban Outfitters and H&M in it!

Jolie Roux said...

Okay, first those pants are super badass, I want!

simplychic said...

i want those pants!

Maggie said...

I have one of those pants n fast becoming one of my fav items! U look great! :)

Solo said...

My sister want your;D
Happy birthday to your Papa.;D
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