Friday, June 19, 2009

in her bag

  • f21 sunglasses
  • minnie mouse ears from Disneyland
  • H&M work tag
  • f21 rose compact mirror
  • blue highlighter- not sure for what hahaha
  • peek-a-pooh pencil case- what my boyfriend surprised me during our occasional ramen dates
  • car and house keys
  • bath&body cucumber melon hand sanitizer
  • extra lens for my DSLR
  • bath&body moonlight path lotion- favorite scent!
  • iPhone & iPod- I can not go anywhere without my iPhone, I use the iPod to watch movies during my break
  • Disneyland Annual Pass and Fast Passes, Top of the Rock card, MetroCard from NYC, Urban Outfitters discount cards, and Hotel Union Square business card from SF
  • Roll on sunscreen
  • FOUR Softlips Chapsticks- Don't know why I have so much (two vanilla, one pearl tinted, and one tickled pink tinted)
  • Makeup bag
  • Wallet

    While at Disneyland, my boyfriend commented me on how I needed to clean out my bag since I spent a good 20 minutes looking for sunscreen. As a result of my frustrations of being out in the sun and needing to reapply sunscreen and finding my sunscreen in the most obvious places of all- in a zipper, I pulled out a few contents out of my bag today for all to see as well as some needed cleaning.


    Lainey said...

    Cute post. I wish I had an iphone.

    Daisy said...

    Cute, i ,love these posts!

    katherinelou said...

    lainey: you should definitely get one ... its my whole life ... im just fortunate my bf gets at&t discounts for the bills :)

    daisy: thanks!