Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dree hemingway and becka diamond


Love love love both girls' outifts. From Dree's blazer to Becka's leather jacket. But I was specifically drawn to Becka's sunglasses. I own a similar pair myself from Urban Outfitters with a "snakeskin print" that everyone seems to have but I'm specifically drawn to Becka's minimalist one. So I surfed the web in hopes of finding a similar pair that will not burn a hole in my wallet and found a similar pair in 5 seconds (haha). For $5.80 I'm definitely going to buy myself a couple pairs since I tend to break my sunglasses easily:

forever 21


Monika said...

I loove Dree Hemingway;)! She has a great taste in choosing clothes;) And I'm just looking at your blog and I need to say that its amazing;)! Your clothes makes you look 'unique';)!

Hope you also visit my blog;)

Yuka said...

dree is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

They have such great style. Love their looks. Good job finding the Forever 21 glasses.. they look so similar!

xo, Becs

katherinelou said...

monika: thanks sweetie!

yuka: yes dree is adorable :)

becs: i know i was pretty lucky with the find !