Thursday, June 11, 2009

hiatus again

last sewing project (vintage reconstruction), 2007

This weekend is going to be super busy so I apologize in advance for any lack of updates. I'm working all weekend, remodeling my room (which is unpredictable since California's gloomy weather does not permit me to paint), and sewing (!). I have a couple of dresses in mind in which I'm going to make so that I can wear for my bf's birthday next month. So excited. I'll be going to the fabric store tomorrow to purchase fabric (black and cream- like always). Wish me luck as I dust my Hello Kitty sewing machine cause it has been awhile since I've sewn anything but the occasional hemming and fixing.

The photo above is of a vintage reconstruction dress that I did awhile back (okay a long time ago!). It was an awful vintage dress in which I was drawn to it's simplistic pattern.

♥ kat


Anonymous said...

Love it! The dress is so cute! Fab job turning it into something so adorable.

xo, Becs

Daisy said...

This is so cute!

Damsels said...

very pretty dress
We Were Damsels said...

Very nice! You made that?! It's so pretty and chic, good job girly

hope to hear from YOU :)

Ella said...

that dress is perfect! it looks so sweet and delicate
really nice blog :)

please visit me at:

Mads said...

the dots are so cute!! so excite for your next posts.. I hope I have more time to learn to sew too, I bought a small sewing machine 3-4 years ago and I still haven't used it..


Unrealized Fish said...

Love the dress

FashionJazz said...

Really love ur dress!! xx

Rainbow Factory said...

Wow that's pretty good work

x Michelle

clairegrenade said...

AHH!! that fabric is too perfect<33!

Monika Dubska said...

stunning dress!!!!!

Hope to hear from you,
Monika ♥

katherinelou said...

ella: glad you like my blog!

thanks everyone!

katherinelou said...

amy: yes i sorta made it! haha ... i grabbed an old vintage dress and made it to this! :)